My flat iron styling tips

Flat irons have become a must have styling accessory in every girl’s styling kit. The elegance of straight hairs is unmatchable and so obvious. But a slight experiment with looks every now and then, indeed adds glamour to the appearance and confidence in you personality.



Did you know that there are more than one innovative ways to use your hair straightener? Yes, a flat iron or straightener not only straightens the hairs, but also allows you to style your hair in a number of creative ways.  Check out the list of experiments you can do with your flat iron below.


Bend ends: Straight hair look sleek and elegant. You can add a little more to it by bending the ends of your hair. This looks chic and goes really great with formal looks. This is a great office or presentation hairstyle and adds a professional touch to your personality.


Crispy crimps: Yes, these are back in fashion. The best thing about crimps is that they go with every outfit. Whether you use them with a chic evening gown or a sassy disco mini. They go with them all. To get those perfectly crisp crimps with your straightener, simply motion your hands in zigzag fashion, from side to side, as you slide the iron to the end. Take a thin bunch at a time for crispier look.


Beach babe waves: Another in-style hairstyle, beach-waves, can also be attained using a flat iron. All you do is pull outside your locks with the iron and it will create a wavy appearance. This hairstyle adds volume to your hair, a good way to tackle limp hair.



Pumming : This is an evening gown hairstyle and is quite popular among the divas of these days. This is the hairstyle where your upper hairs remain straight and the bottom end of them is curled to bounce. To achieve this hairstyle, first straighten your hair. Don’t straighten them at the ends, just focus on straightening the upper part properly. After you have completely straightened them, take a thin bunch and roll it around one hand of the iron and slide the device down to the end. The result will be curled ends. Do this on different section of hair and you are set for a perfect dinner evening.


These are basic ones, you can mix and match and use these techniques to convey you remarkable sense of style to the world. It is fun to experiment with looks and a flat iron is a perfect partner for it.