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You don’t need an expensive DSLR – point and shoot cameras are enough for most people

DSLRs have indeed redefined the way photography is done. However, they can’t be used by everyone due to following reasons:

  • They are way too expensive.
  • They are difficult to carry.
  • They are good for professional photography, but for a casual use they seem to sound too much.

These takes us to another option for photography, i.e. point and shoot cameras. Digital point and shoot cameras are perfect for casual photography and can definitely produce precise quality images if shot carefully. Wanna know how? Read the following tips for taking DSLR-quality pictures without a DSLR (i.e. with your point and shoot cameras).


White balance

Before you start shooting, determine the scene and set up the white balance which best suits. Choose the setting that gives accurate colors. If you have time, design your custom white balance.


Sunlight and posture

When shooting out in sun, shoot with the sun behind you. This will make sunlight fall on the object/person increasing the lighting and also prevent formation of rainbow in the image. In order to get the best results you still need to get a decent point and shoot camera with a good zoom.


The flash

Use the flash wisely. See what amount of it is required and then set the suitable amount. Most people often use either full flash or no flash at all. This usually goes with most of the scenarios, but spoils photos that require moderate amount flash. Flash influences the picture a lot. Hence always determine the proper amount needed.


Portrait angle

When taking a portrait, avoid taking wide angles. They make the face and features look wider than they actually are. Stand to the position from where you need to zoom.


Position of the photographer

This will influence the picture a lot. Trust me; most of the pictures get spoiled due to the improper position of the photographer. Suppose you want to capture something below your height (like a pet’s portrait) then don’t simply stand and try to shoot. Bend down to their level and shoot from a proper distance.


Use noise reduction and avoid distractions

If your camera offers, use this to improve the quality of the photo. Also try to avoid background distractions by zooming in when required.

These are very basic tips and keeping them in mind one can easily picture moments perfectly because you don’t need an expensive DSLR always. For smart people, point and shoot cameras can do enough work.