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Need a way of capturing family moments? Get a camcorder!


The preciousness of family moments is immeasurable. And in today’s busy world, we hardly come across such free time to spend with our loved ones. Therefore we tend to capture these moments as pictures and videos, to recall them later. That’s what we do with camcorders. But why should we spend on a camcorder at all, when we already have so many alternatives to it? I mean Smartphones and tablets, can record and capture (along with their fundamental functions), then where is the need to buy a CAMCORDER?



Well, this is something that even I kept contemplating about before my friend gifted me one camcorder. Since it was gifted, I had to use it AND when I used it, I actually realized how useful a camcorder could be even in this age of multiple recording alternatives. Here are a few of the reasons why a camcorder still stands to be the best device out of all the others for capturing those special family moments. 


Their video quality always stands out

It is obvious that a dedicated recording device like camcorder will produce better quality videos than a Smartphone( which do recording as an additional function). But this is not it. Most camcorders are found to be more precise in capturing videos than a video capable DSLR. DSLR definitely capture best quality pictures and record high-quality videos but when compared to camcorders, they do perform a little wishy-washy.


Audio of videos matters

Since camcorders are entirely dedicated to video recording, they tend to have all the mechanisms required for a good visual delight as well as superior audio with the built-in mikes. Most camcorders come with built-in standard quality stereo recorders to produce quality audio with videos unlike digital camera and Smartphone (that record videos as a secondary function).


They are handy

Yes they aren’t as handy as a Smartphone or a tablet but when it comes to selecting a good quality recorder which is also very handy, camcorders will always be placed first (and not DSLRs). They are easy to shoot anywhere by anyone (including young movie makers of your home) and also allow easy, fast and smooth sharing.


And the last reason but I don’t call it least that family moments are very valuable and therefore you surely need a dedicated moment capturing gadget for them. You need a camcorder. Get one today and relish togetherness forever!

My mattress buying tips

Okay so after all the hard work that you do all day long, you finally get to rest at night and having a ‘not-so-comfortable’ resting place can ruin your sleep which will directly affect your mood and another day.


We spend around one third of a complete day on the bed. This fact itself signifies the need and importance of having a comfortable mattress. Hence if you are about to buy a new mattress then do read these tips, in order to be able to make a sensible choice. 


  1. Know what you need. Do not simply spend on an excessively firm sheet or on a too fluffy one. First determine which mattress is needed and then select the type. Different people have different sleeping behaviors and therefore there is no ‘one mattress for all’. If you suffer from lower back pain or joint pains, then you should not think of a firm mattress. Choose the one you find most comfortable.
  2. When selecting the mattress, do consider your sleeping partner’s taste (if you have one). If you both have the same taste, well and good, else discuss and then choose something that goes in between.
  3. Check everywhere, on different online stores as well as several local stores, and compare well before you invest. Ask questions about differences between the different types they offer. Query the manufacturers if required. When you are finally satisfied with the decision, ONLY THEN purchase it.
  4. As you go on to check mattresses, take at least 10-15 minutes to check each and every mattress. Do not hesitate to lie down and test it. Lie down on your sides for some minutes and then on your back and stomach. Check every possibility.
  5. Ask for test periods if they offer. It will be smart to buy a mattress that offers test periods. This will help you make an even better decision.
  6. Ask about warranty details. Buy mattresses that come with a warranty. Due to a warranty you’ll not only have a secure investment but it will also indicate a sense of reliability on your selection. This implies that the manufacturer is himself confident of his product and hence you can also rely on the quality.


You don’t buy a mattress every month. It is a ‘once in a decade’ kind of shopping. Therefore it is very important that you make a smart choice and the above tips will help you achieve it.



Why are baby cribs so expensive?

Baby cribs are necessary furniture for newborns and infants. They keep them safe and avoid falling while they are asleep. But buying a baby crib is an expensive affair. You will hardly find any low-end cribs. And it is fair enough as well because nobody would like to compromise on quality of the furniture and their kid’s safety and comfort.




However before investing in an expensive crib, it is prudent to determine whether it is worth your hard-earned money or not. Here are a few questions to ask and essential factors to determine before spending on cribs.

Is the quality worth the price? Don’t be hesitant to pose this question to the shopkeeper or the manufacturer. And don’t believe them blindly. Nobody will call their product an average. Therefore do your part of research properly. Go online to check the details of the product as online descriptions are very up to the point. Read customer reviews and ask your acquaintances who have bought that specific baby crib.


Don’t hesitate to choose a cheaper one if you find it better in quality and features. Cribs are priced based on not only the quality but depending on the brand, features and several other miscellaneous factors. A costlier crib doesn’t automatically become better than the one with lesser price. However, in most of the cases this happens but it may not be necessary for every case. Hence check and compare all and choose the one that best fits your choice, be it costlier or cheaper than others.


Plan for a long term use. A fancy crib may appear awesome, but then you may use it only for a year or two. But if you buy a multipurpose crib or convertible crib, it will extend the age of usage of the furniture. There are certain convertible cribs that can be turned into baby beds for the time when your kid grows up a little.

Don’t go for an ultra designer one. The basic design is the best investment. Your kid may not like her clothes getting caught in the design or getting scratched if the design is edgy.




Crib is a one-time purchase so be wise and buy the one that you can utilize effectively for as long as possible. It’s nothing to show-off, it must be comfortable and easy to maintain.


Installing a convertible car seat in your car for the first time

The problems regarding installation of a convertible seat in the car are common especially, when you are trying it for the first time. There are particular guidelines which have to be followed for a safe and smooth installation. You obviously don’t want to compromise with safety, especially when it is going to hold your baby.


Here are a few beginners’ tips for installing a convertible car seat in the car.


le5Before you start, read the instructions and manuals thoroughly. Reading it will get you acquainted with basics of installation. Never forget to read the Child restraints section of the manual. It is very important. Determine the seat belts of your vehicle and understand how they are locked or unlocked.



Before you start working, move the front seat forward as much as you can to get enough room for yourself for you to work on the car-seat (since you’ll require a lot of rocking and moving around).

Now position the convertible seat on the seat and fasten it with the seat belt. Make sure you do it precisely, i.e. follow the exact belt path and buckle it accurately and tightly.


Now as you pull the seat belt, put your weight on the middle of the seat. Either you can put your knees or your foot to hold it firmly. This will keep it firm and help you fasten it tightly. Move it sideways and make sure it is tightly fastened and then install the car-seat. Hold the seat belt tightly and unbuckle it so that it retracts to 1”. As soon as it does, buckle it again. Sit on the car-seat and install the latch-plate in the buckle. Your weight will act as force for tight fastening.

If the male-end of the latch-plate doesn’t lie at the correct angle with the other end, you may rotate the buckle slightly (but only slightly until they both fit). The seat belt and the latch-plate must be as close as possible for tightest placement.


For a better fit, go behind the car-seat and push it back with your stomach as you hold the seat belt. Sway left to right as you pull the belt to tightly fasten it.


Tighter the car-seat installed, safer will be our baby’s journey. I hope these tips will make your ride easier as well.





My new GPS unit is amazing!

A Global Positioning System is indeed a revolutionary gadget for the ones who love to travel to unexplored locations. Who would have ever imagined it will be possible to determine the location of any person or device while sitting in front of a computer or using the phone from any corner of the world. It appears to be of so much of use in the context of our day to day life.


I never thought that a GPS unit could actually be so useful until I bought it myself. I am amazed at the way it simplified my life so much so that I recommend it to everyone after I have purchased and used one (you will also feel the way I do !).


The benefits of owning a good GPS unit:


Able to monitor my fuel usage. My GPS unit maintains a complete and systematic record of fuel used at every round. It helps me keep myself reminded of when to get it refilled and also tracks the amount of fuel used to reach a particular location.


Able to cuts down my fuel consumption.  Yes, it helps me reduce the fuel usage by tracking the easiest, shortest and least crowded route. This automatically affects the fuel consumption and makes it a pocket-friendly gadget.




Safer than before. The GPS unit will track my location from anywhere, which makes things safer for me in cases of any emergency. It also keeps the vehicle safe from theft as I can easily track down its location in case it is stolen.


Able to monitor workers. Being a rental cab company owner, I can easily track down my workers by knowing where they are and how long it will take them to reach the destination. With the GPS unit on my side, I am able to track the nearest vehicle for my customers and can inform them the exact time that a driver will require to reach them.


Relaxed for my close ones. With this unit I can easily track down position of my family members in case they are late or are far from home and their phones aren’t working. I can make sure they are safe and this is the best thing as a parent!!


Trust me! A GPS unit is much more than just a location determining technology. You must invest in this awesome gadget, and you won’t regret your decision.


The best features you should look for in a vacuum cleaner

Gone are the days when the word ‘vacuum cleaners’ propped up a picture of a mechanical box with a cord and a handle to suck dirt and dust. Today, when the phones, washing machines and refrigerators are turning smart, vacuum cleaners cannot be left non-smart. And it is important that you know about the new advanced features that today’s vacuum cleaners offer to make your life easier than easy. Hence if you are planning to buy a new vacuum cleaner, do look for the following features:


Cyclonic Cleaning

This feature replaces the vacuum bag by directly depositing the dirt in a holding tray via a whirlwind cleansing. Many vacuum cleaners today offer this feature and it’s very a useful addition to look for.


Alterable Height

With this feature you’ll be able to adjust the height of the cleaner for handling different kind of messy surfaces. Further advancement in this will let you choose between automatic adjustment and manual adjustments. The automatic one will adjust itself automatically (of course) and the manual one will come with knob and lever. You can choose the one most comfortable to you.


Brush-roll switch

The brush, on one hand is very handy for cleaning up carpets because it brushes off the dirt nicely from the fine fibers, on the other hand it can be harmful and uncomfortable for rough floors and hard rugs. This is where the brush-roll switch helps you. With this you can turn the brush roll on or off as per your cleaning needs.


Auto-retractable cords

Another good feature for all those who hate rolling it up after cleaning. An auto-retractable vacuum cleaner rolls up the cord automatically after they are switched off. Though, generally the vacuum cleaners offering this feature do not offer long cords. So be careful if you have big rooms. However for people with big rooms, a cordless vacuum cleaner becomes a better option.


Telescoping Handle

This feature allows you to give an additional length to your cleaner’s handle which can extend it to reach and clean far, unreachable surfaces such as ceilings.


The pet grooming tool

This is an additional tool for those who love their pets but hate their hairs all around. This will help you remove the loose hair on your pet before they fall off here and there.

I hope this helps!!


The best ways to avoid speeding tickets

Radar detectors have become a must have accessory for all the fast and furious drivers, around the world. Since their introduction in 1960, they have come a long way from being a radar signal detector to GPS radar detectors and Lidar detectors at present.


EMMA STONE Tries To Get Out of a Ticket


The pain that a speeding ticket causes to the pocket can only be understood by those who have experienced it. It is no less than a tiny heart stroke. For these weak hearted fast motorists, a radar detector indeed becomes a savior.


Southern Regional Police Dept Chief of Police Chief James Boddington demonstrates a radar gun, which are not used by municipal police in the state of Pennsylvania. Several state legislators support a bill to change that. Local police say the current law is ridiculous, including Boddington, who says radar is a faster, cheaper, more accurate tool. YORK DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS--JASON PLOTKIN

To understand how a radar detector helps you avoid speeding tickets, you must first know how those tickets are imposed on innocent speed-lovers.  Traffic police use a radar gun to detect the speed of vehicles. This gun is simply a radio transmitter and a radio receiver in one unit. The radio transmitter transmits a radio signal (an electromagnetic wave) of a specific frequency. This wave travels through air and bounces back (to the receiver). The receiver then detects this echoed signal and calculates the distance of the object with the receiver. If the object is moving then the pattern of the signal changes which is detected by the receiver. The receiver then is able to calculate how fast the object is moving towards or away from the radar gun. The cops with this information charge a speeding vehicle violating the speed limit.




A radar detector is a radio receiver that is designed to detect the waves transmitted by radar guns. The detector detects the waves and alerts you before the cops could catch you. A driver can easily slow down the vehicle whenever the detector announces a radio wave coming from the radar gun. There are several kinds of electromagnetic waves propagating in the space. A radar detector is, however, an upgraded receiver designed to receive only a certain frequency waves (similar to the frequency of the police radar guns).



le9The major difference between a low-quality radar detector and a high-quality detector is their speed and accuracy of catching radar gun’s signals. A high-end, reliable detector will detect only the radar gun’s signal and alert you immediately. On the other hand, a detector of low quality may be, way too sensitive or way too less sensitive to alert you before the cops catch you. A low-quality radar detector may also confuse you by announcing the signals from other appliances like garage closers. If you are looking to purchase a good radar detector for highways because of the speed you will have, I really recommend spending some money on a high-end product.


Insist on getting a good quality radar detector. It is indeed the best way to avoid speeding tickets.  


Why I prefer Conair hair dryers

le1Hair says so much about your looks. Hair is an important aspect of grooming. You can style them in so many ways. A little variation to your hairstyle will make you look dramatically different and appealing. In fact, most of the makeovers start with a new hairdo and are usually only about hair. Hence it is important that you choose the right gadgets to groom your crowning glory. I wanted to buy a hair dryer a few days back but was stuck when choosing the right one. Finally,  I got this Conair Ionic Turbo Styler and I am so happy with my decision and the smooth and healthy look of my hair.


I knew Conair is a trustable brand and that it makes the best blow dryers but I learned why after I got this unit myself. Before buying anything I always read customer reviews and they were all very positive for this brand and now let me tell you why –


While you buy from Conair, it offers a vast variety of blow dryers from those with high power to the ones with a medium wattage. From heavy duty high-enders to the affordable ones, you’ll find them all under the trustable product range of this brand. This is the reason that makes Conair your desired brand. Thick locks or fine hairs choose the right one for you from the huge selection range that Conair offers.


The heating is smooth and fast. It won’t burn your hair and yet dry them evenly, gently and thoroughly. Conair chooses only those heating components and materials that possess even and proportionate heating abilities and therefore the heat that comes is always precise.


With Conair, you can customize your heating preferences, as all its’ blow dryers come with multiple speed settings to allow users get what they want. You can set the speed at low for your fine and delicate hair and your friends and siblings can use it for their thick hair afterwards, simply by adjusting the speed and intensity.


The best thing about Conair blow dryers is that they will keep your hairs shiny and smooth even after heavy use. This is because they use ionic heating which doesn’t affect the hair cuticles. So unlike other blow dryers, Conair blow dryers do not damage hairs as you dry them. It keeps your hair healthy and beautiful.


Conair hair dryers have definitely changed the way I dry and style my hair and that is the reason why I prefer and advice Conair blow dryers to all of you!!