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Things you need if you want to go camping with your truck


Camping with your truck is a fun activity because you have the flexibility your vehicle provides you with. If you don’t like your camping area, having your truck with you allows you to change it almost instantly. And since you won’t be sleeping on the hard ground, your body won’t hurt in its entirety when you wake up.

Although, the latter is somewhat part of the whole experience because it makes you feel like you’re truly living a lifestyle that is connected to nature. However, if you want to have a fuss-free trip and to avoid any accidents, there are some things that you need to buy before you start this journey.

The first thing you need is a high-quality truck bed tent. Don’t overlook this, as it will be the item you’re going to use the most when traveling. You want it to be waterproof, windproof and to be comfortable at the same time. Truck tents have a different design compared to traditional models.

They are adapted to fit the bed of your pickup truck, and to be safe and effortless to install. You could use a traditional tent, but it will be tough to fit it into your car. Moreover, I don’t recommend sleeping on the bare soil, as nature is filled with animals that could be a threat to your health.

If you like to eat healthy while traveling, then a camping stove is a must. There’s nothing more rewarding than preparing a delicious meal while the only thing that guides you is the blue light of the burner and the moon. Go for a compact model that has plenty of power and that can be quickly refilled.

I would suggest going for a dual burner cooker, especially if you like to prepare your breakfast and your coffee at the same time. Refilling the product is simple, and make sure you buy a can of gas from your local gas store before going to a remote location, so you won’t have to make a trip back when you run out of it.

Speaking of coffee, maybe it’s a good idea to invest in a premium camping espresso maker. It is essential that you make the arrangements for a good start to your day, and a fresh cup of coffee will ensure you have the energy for an entire day. These machines are designed to work without electricity, without making any compromise when it comes to taste.

There are other small things that could make your life easier. Invest in a portable light, in a camping radio to stay in touch with the outside world and also in a good cooler for your beer and a mosquito repellant if you plan to travel in a swampy area.


My flat iron styling tips

Flat irons have become a must have styling accessory in every girl’s styling kit. The elegance of straight hairs is unmatchable and so obvious. But a slight experiment with looks every now and then, indeed adds glamour to the appearance and confidence in you personality.



Did you know that there are more than one innovative ways to use your hair straightener? Yes, a flat iron or straightener not only straightens the hairs, but also allows you to style your hair in a number of creative ways.  Check out the list of experiments you can do with your flat iron below.


Bend ends: Straight hair look sleek and elegant. You can add a little more to it by bending the ends of your hair. This looks chic and goes really great with formal looks. This is a great office or presentation hairstyle and adds a professional touch to your personality.


Crispy crimps: Yes, these are back in fashion. The best thing about crimps is that they go with every outfit. Whether you use them with a chic evening gown or a sassy disco mini. They go with them all. To get those perfectly crisp crimps with your straightener, simply motion your hands in zigzag fashion, from side to side, as you slide the iron to the end. Take a thin bunch at a time for crispier look.


Beach babe waves: Another in-style hairstyle, beach-waves, can also be attained using a flat iron. All you do is pull outside your locks with the iron and it will create a wavy appearance. This hairstyle adds volume to your hair, a good way to tackle limp hair.



Pumming : This is an evening gown hairstyle and is quite popular among the divas of these days. This is the hairstyle where your upper hairs remain straight and the bottom end of them is curled to bounce. To achieve this hairstyle, first straighten your hair. Don’t straighten them at the ends, just focus on straightening the upper part properly. After you have completely straightened them, take a thin bunch and roll it around one hand of the iron and slide the device down to the end. The result will be curled ends. Do this on different section of hair and you are set for a perfect dinner evening.


These are basic ones, you can mix and match and use these techniques to convey you remarkable sense of style to the world. It is fun to experiment with looks and a flat iron is a perfect partner for it.




Installing a convertible car seat in your car for the first time

The problems regarding installation of a convertible seat in the car are common especially, when you are trying it for the first time. There are particular guidelines which have to be followed for a safe and smooth installation. You obviously don’t want to compromise with safety, especially when it is going to hold your baby.


Here are a few beginners’ tips for installing a convertible car seat in the car.


le5Before you start, read the instructions and manuals thoroughly. Reading it will get you acquainted with basics of installation. Never forget to read the Child restraints section of the manual. It is very important. Determine the seat belts of your vehicle and understand how they are locked or unlocked.



Before you start working, move the front seat forward as much as you can to get enough room for yourself for you to work on the car-seat (since you’ll require a lot of rocking and moving around).

Now position the convertible seat on the seat and fasten it with the seat belt. Make sure you do it precisely, i.e. follow the exact belt path and buckle it accurately and tightly.


Now as you pull the seat belt, put your weight on the middle of the seat. Either you can put your knees or your foot to hold it firmly. This will keep it firm and help you fasten it tightly. Move it sideways and make sure it is tightly fastened and then install the car-seat. Hold the seat belt tightly and unbuckle it so that it retracts to 1”. As soon as it does, buckle it again. Sit on the car-seat and install the latch-plate in the buckle. Your weight will act as force for tight fastening.

If the male-end of the latch-plate doesn’t lie at the correct angle with the other end, you may rotate the buckle slightly (but only slightly until they both fit). The seat belt and the latch-plate must be as close as possible for tightest placement.


For a better fit, go behind the car-seat and push it back with your stomach as you hold the seat belt. Sway left to right as you pull the belt to tightly fasten it.


Tighter the car-seat installed, safer will be our baby’s journey. I hope these tips will make your ride easier as well.





My new GPS unit is amazing!

A Global Positioning System is indeed a revolutionary gadget for the ones who love to travel to unexplored locations. Who would have ever imagined it will be possible to determine the location of any person or device while sitting in front of a computer or using the phone from any corner of the world. It appears to be of so much of use in the context of our day to day life.


I never thought that a GPS unit could actually be so useful until I bought it myself. I am amazed at the way it simplified my life so much so that I recommend it to everyone after I have purchased and used one (you will also feel the way I do !).


The benefits of owning a good GPS unit:


Able to monitor my fuel usage. My GPS unit maintains a complete and systematic record of fuel used at every round. It helps me keep myself reminded of when to get it refilled and also tracks the amount of fuel used to reach a particular location.


Able to cuts down my fuel consumption.  Yes, it helps me reduce the fuel usage by tracking the easiest, shortest and least crowded route. This automatically affects the fuel consumption and makes it a pocket-friendly gadget.




Safer than before. The GPS unit will track my location from anywhere, which makes things safer for me in cases of any emergency. It also keeps the vehicle safe from theft as I can easily track down its location in case it is stolen.


Able to monitor workers. Being a rental cab company owner, I can easily track down my workers by knowing where they are and how long it will take them to reach the destination. With the GPS unit on my side, I am able to track the nearest vehicle for my customers and can inform them the exact time that a driver will require to reach them.


Relaxed for my close ones. With this unit I can easily track down position of my family members in case they are late or are far from home and their phones aren’t working. I can make sure they are safe and this is the best thing as a parent!!


Trust me! A GPS unit is much more than just a location determining technology. You must invest in this awesome gadget, and you won’t regret your decision.