The best ways to avoid speeding tickets

Radar detectors have become a must have accessory for all the fast and furious drivers, around the world. Since their introduction in 1960, they have come a long way from being a radar signal detector to GPS radar detectors and Lidar detectors at present.


EMMA STONE Tries To Get Out of a Ticket


The pain that a speeding ticket causes to the pocket can only be understood by those who have experienced it. It is no less than a tiny heart stroke. For these weak hearted fast motorists, a radar detector indeed becomes a savior.


Southern Regional Police Dept Chief of Police Chief James Boddington demonstrates a radar gun, which are not used by municipal police in the state of Pennsylvania. Several state legislators support a bill to change that. Local police say the current law is ridiculous, including Boddington, who says radar is a faster, cheaper, more accurate tool. YORK DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS--JASON PLOTKIN

To understand how a radar detector helps you avoid speeding tickets, you must first know how those tickets are imposed on innocent speed-lovers.  Traffic police use a radar gun to detect the speed of vehicles. This gun is simply a radio transmitter and a radio receiver in one unit. The radio transmitter transmits a radio signal (an electromagnetic wave) of a specific frequency. This wave travels through air and bounces back (to the receiver). The receiver then detects this echoed signal and calculates the distance of the object with the receiver. If the object is moving then the pattern of the signal changes which is detected by the receiver. The receiver then is able to calculate how fast the object is moving towards or away from the radar gun. The cops with this information charge a speeding vehicle violating the speed limit.




A radar detector is a radio receiver that is designed to detect the waves transmitted by radar guns. The detector detects the waves and alerts you before the cops could catch you. A driver can easily slow down the vehicle whenever the detector announces a radio wave coming from the radar gun. There are several kinds of electromagnetic waves propagating in the space. A radar detector is, however, an upgraded receiver designed to receive only a certain frequency waves (similar to the frequency of the police radar guns).



le9The major difference between a low-quality radar detector and a high-quality detector is their speed and accuracy of catching radar gun’s signals. A high-end, reliable detector will detect only the radar gun’s signal and alert you immediately. On the other hand, a detector of low quality may be, way too sensitive or way too less sensitive to alert you before the cops catch you. A low-quality radar detector may also confuse you by announcing the signals from other appliances like garage closers. If you are looking to purchase a good radar detector for highways because of the speed you will have, I really recommend spending some money on a high-end product.


Insist on getting a good quality radar detector. It is indeed the best way to avoid speeding tickets.