Why are baby cribs so expensive?

Baby cribs are necessary furniture for newborns and infants. They keep them safe and avoid falling while they are asleep. But buying a baby crib is an expensive affair. You will hardly find any low-end cribs. And it is fair enough as well because nobody would like to compromise on quality of the furniture and their kid’s safety and comfort.




However before investing in an expensive crib, it is prudent to determine whether it is worth your hard-earned money or not. Here are a few questions to ask and essential factors to determine before spending on cribs.

Is the quality worth the price? Don’t be hesitant to pose this question to the shopkeeper or the manufacturer. And don’t believe them blindly. Nobody will call their product an average. Therefore do your part of research properly. Go online to check the details of the product as online descriptions are very up to the point. Read customer reviews and ask your acquaintances who have bought that specific baby crib.


Don’t hesitate to choose a cheaper one if you find it better in quality and features. Cribs are priced based on not only the quality but depending on the brand, features and several other miscellaneous factors. A costlier crib doesn’t automatically become better than the one with lesser price. However, in most of the cases this happens but it may not be necessary for every case. Hence check and compare all and choose the one that best fits your choice, be it costlier or cheaper than others.


Plan for a long term use. A fancy crib may appear awesome, but then you may use it only for a year or two. But if you buy a multipurpose crib or convertible crib, it will extend the age of usage of the furniture. There are certain convertible cribs that can be turned into baby beds for the time when your kid grows up a little.

Don’t go for an ultra designer one. The basic design is the best investment. Your kid may not like her clothes getting caught in the design or getting scratched if the design is edgy.




Crib is a one-time purchase so be wise and buy the one that you can utilize effectively for as long as possible. It’s nothing to show-off, it must be comfortable and easy to maintain.