Month: February 2018

Things you need if you want to go camping with your truck


Camping with your truck is a fun activity because you have the flexibility your vehicle provides you with. If you don’t like your camping area, having your truck with you allows you to change it almost instantly. And since you won’t be sleeping on the hard ground, your body won’t hurt in its entirety when you wake up.

Although, the latter is somewhat part of the whole experience because it makes you feel like you’re truly living a lifestyle that is connected to nature. However, if you want to have a fuss-free trip and to avoid any accidents, there are some things that you need to buy before you start this journey.

The first thing you need is a high-quality truck bed tent. Don’t overlook this, as it will be the item you’re going to use the most when traveling. You want it to be waterproof, windproof and to be comfortable at the same time. Truck tents have a different design compared to traditional models.

They are adapted to fit the bed of your pickup truck, and to be safe and effortless to install. You could use a traditional tent, but it will be tough to fit it into your car. Moreover, I don’t recommend sleeping on the bare soil, as nature is filled with animals that could be a threat to your health.

If you like to eat healthy while traveling, then a camping stove is a must. There’s nothing more rewarding than preparing a delicious meal while the only thing that guides you is the blue light of the burner and the moon. Go for a compact model that has plenty of power and that can be quickly refilled.

I would suggest going for a dual burner cooker, especially if you like to prepare your breakfast and your coffee at the same time. Refilling the product is simple, and make sure you buy a can of gas from your local gas store before going to a remote location, so you won’t have to make a trip back when you run out of it.

Speaking of coffee, maybe it’s a good idea to invest in a premium camping espresso maker. It is essential that you make the arrangements for a good start to your day, and a fresh cup of coffee will ensure you have the energy for an entire day. These machines are designed to work without electricity, without making any compromise when it comes to taste.

There are other small things that could make your life easier. Invest in a portable light, in a camping radio to stay in touch with the outside world and also in a good cooler for your beer and a mosquito repellant if you plan to travel in a swampy area.


Need a way of capturing family moments? Get a camcorder!


The preciousness of family moments is immeasurable. And in today’s busy world, we hardly come across such free time to spend with our loved ones. Therefore we tend to capture these moments as pictures and videos, to recall them later. That’s what we do with camcorders. But why should we spend on a camcorder at all, when we already have so many alternatives to it? I mean Smartphones and tablets, can record and capture (along with their fundamental functions), then where is the need to buy a CAMCORDER?



Well, this is something that even I kept contemplating about before my friend gifted me one camcorder. Since it was gifted, I had to use it AND when I used it, I actually realized how useful a camcorder could be even in this age of multiple recording alternatives. Here are a few of the reasons why a camcorder still stands to be the best device out of all the others for capturing those special family moments. 


Their video quality always stands out

It is obvious that a dedicated recording device like camcorder will produce better quality videos than a Smartphone( which do recording as an additional function). But this is not it. Most camcorders are found to be more precise in capturing videos than a video capable DSLR. DSLR definitely capture best quality pictures and record high-quality videos but when compared to camcorders, they do perform a little wishy-washy.


Audio of videos matters

Since camcorders are entirely dedicated to video recording, they tend to have all the mechanisms required for a good visual delight as well as superior audio with the built-in mikes. Most camcorders come with built-in standard quality stereo recorders to produce quality audio with videos unlike digital camera and Smartphone (that record videos as a secondary function).


They are handy

Yes they aren’t as handy as a Smartphone or a tablet but when it comes to selecting a good quality recorder which is also very handy, camcorders will always be placed first (and not DSLRs). They are easy to shoot anywhere by anyone (including young movie makers of your home) and also allow easy, fast and smooth sharing.


And the last reason but I don’t call it least that family moments are very valuable and therefore you surely need a dedicated moment capturing gadget for them. You need a camcorder. Get one today and relish togetherness forever!