Month: January 2018

My mattress buying tips

Okay so after all the hard work that you do all day long, you finally get to rest at night and having a ‘not-so-comfortable’ resting place can ruin your sleep which will directly affect your mood and another day.


We spend around one third of a complete day on the bed. This fact itself signifies the need and importance of having a comfortable mattress. Hence if you are about to buy a new mattress then do read these tips, in order to be able to make a sensible choice. 


  1. Know what you need. Do not simply spend on an excessively firm sheet or on a too fluffy one. First determine which mattress is needed and then select the type. Different people have different sleeping behaviors and therefore there is no ‘one mattress for all’. If you suffer from lower back pain or joint pains, then you should not think of a firm mattress. Choose the one you find most comfortable.
  2. When selecting the mattress, do consider your sleeping partner’s taste (if you have one). If you both have the same taste, well and good, else discuss and then choose something that goes in between.
  3. Check everywhere, on different online stores as well as several local stores, and compare well before you invest. Ask questions about differences between the different types they offer. Query the manufacturers if required. When you are finally satisfied with the decision, ONLY THEN purchase it.
  4. As you go on to check mattresses, take at least 10-15 minutes to check each and every mattress. Do not hesitate to lie down and test it. Lie down on your sides for some minutes and then on your back and stomach. Check every possibility.
  5. Ask for test periods if they offer. It will be smart to buy a mattress that offers test periods. This will help you make an even better decision.
  6. Ask about warranty details. Buy mattresses that come with a warranty. Due to a warranty you’ll not only have a secure investment but it will also indicate a sense of reliability on your selection. This implies that the manufacturer is himself confident of his product and hence you can also rely on the quality.


You don’t buy a mattress every month. It is a ‘once in a decade’ kind of shopping. Therefore it is very important that you make a smart choice and the above tips will help you achieve it.