Month: December 2017

You don’t need an expensive DSLR – point and shoot cameras are enough for most people

DSLRs have indeed redefined the way photography is done. However, they can’t be used by everyone due to following reasons:

  • They are way too expensive.
  • They are difficult to carry.
  • They are good for professional photography, but for a casual use they seem to sound too much.

These takes us to another option for photography, i.e. point and shoot cameras. Digital point and shoot cameras are perfect for casual photography and can definitely produce precise quality images if shot carefully. Wanna know how? Read the following tips for taking DSLR-quality pictures without a DSLR (i.e. with your point and shoot cameras).


White balance

Before you start shooting, determine the scene and set up the white balance which best suits. Choose the setting that gives accurate colors. If you have time, design your custom white balance.


Sunlight and posture

When shooting out in sun, shoot with the sun behind you. This will make sunlight fall on the object/person increasing the lighting and also prevent formation of rainbow in the image. In order to get the best results you still need to get a decent point and shoot camera with a good zoom.


The flash

Use the flash wisely. See what amount of it is required and then set the suitable amount. Most people often use either full flash or no flash at all. This usually goes with most of the scenarios, but spoils photos that require moderate amount flash. Flash influences the picture a lot. Hence always determine the proper amount needed.


Portrait angle

When taking a portrait, avoid taking wide angles. They make the face and features look wider than they actually are. Stand to the position from where you need to zoom.


Position of the photographer

This will influence the picture a lot. Trust me; most of the pictures get spoiled due to the improper position of the photographer. Suppose you want to capture something below your height (like a pet’s portrait) then don’t simply stand and try to shoot. Bend down to their level and shoot from a proper distance.


Use noise reduction and avoid distractions

If your camera offers, use this to improve the quality of the photo. Also try to avoid background distractions by zooming in when required.

These are very basic tips and keeping them in mind one can easily picture moments perfectly because you don’t need an expensive DSLR always. For smart people, point and shoot cameras can do enough work.

Why are baby cribs so expensive?

Baby cribs are necessary furniture for newborns and infants. They keep them safe and avoid falling while they are asleep. But buying a baby crib is an expensive affair. You will hardly find any low-end cribs. And it is fair enough as well because nobody would like to compromise on quality of the furniture and their kid’s safety and comfort.




However before investing in an expensive crib, it is prudent to determine whether it is worth your hard-earned money or not. Here are a few questions to ask and essential factors to determine before spending on cribs.

Is the quality worth the price? Don’t be hesitant to pose this question to the shopkeeper or the manufacturer. And don’t believe them blindly. Nobody will call their product an average. Therefore do your part of research properly. Go online to check the details of the product as online descriptions are very up to the point. Read customer reviews and ask your acquaintances who have bought that specific baby crib.


Don’t hesitate to choose a cheaper one if you find it better in quality and features. Cribs are priced based on not only the quality but depending on the brand, features and several other miscellaneous factors. A costlier crib doesn’t automatically become better than the one with lesser price. However, in most of the cases this happens but it may not be necessary for every case. Hence check and compare all and choose the one that best fits your choice, be it costlier or cheaper than others.


Plan for a long term use. A fancy crib may appear awesome, but then you may use it only for a year or two. But if you buy a multipurpose crib or convertible crib, it will extend the age of usage of the furniture. There are certain convertible cribs that can be turned into baby beds for the time when your kid grows up a little.

Don’t go for an ultra designer one. The basic design is the best investment. Your kid may not like her clothes getting caught in the design or getting scratched if the design is edgy.




Crib is a one-time purchase so be wise and buy the one that you can utilize effectively for as long as possible. It’s nothing to show-off, it must be comfortable and easy to maintain.


My flat iron styling tips

Flat irons have become a must have styling accessory in every girl’s styling kit. The elegance of straight hairs is unmatchable and so obvious. But a slight experiment with looks every now and then, indeed adds glamour to the appearance and confidence in you personality.



Did you know that there are more than one innovative ways to use your hair straightener? Yes, a flat iron or straightener not only straightens the hairs, but also allows you to style your hair in a number of creative ways.  Check out the list of experiments you can do with your flat iron below.


Bend ends: Straight hair look sleek and elegant. You can add a little more to it by bending the ends of your hair. This looks chic and goes really great with formal looks. This is a great office or presentation hairstyle and adds a professional touch to your personality.


Crispy crimps: Yes, these are back in fashion. The best thing about crimps is that they go with every outfit. Whether you use them with a chic evening gown or a sassy disco mini. They go with them all. To get those perfectly crisp crimps with your straightener, simply motion your hands in zigzag fashion, from side to side, as you slide the iron to the end. Take a thin bunch at a time for crispier look.


Beach babe waves: Another in-style hairstyle, beach-waves, can also be attained using a flat iron. All you do is pull outside your locks with the iron and it will create a wavy appearance. This hairstyle adds volume to your hair, a good way to tackle limp hair.



Pumming : This is an evening gown hairstyle and is quite popular among the divas of these days. This is the hairstyle where your upper hairs remain straight and the bottom end of them is curled to bounce. To achieve this hairstyle, first straighten your hair. Don’t straighten them at the ends, just focus on straightening the upper part properly. After you have completely straightened them, take a thin bunch and roll it around one hand of the iron and slide the device down to the end. The result will be curled ends. Do this on different section of hair and you are set for a perfect dinner evening.


These are basic ones, you can mix and match and use these techniques to convey you remarkable sense of style to the world. It is fun to experiment with looks and a flat iron is a perfect partner for it.